Essentiële Oliën

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100% natuurlijke essentiële olie rollers

10ml olie rollers gemixed met kokosolie – Klaar om direct op je huid te gebruiken!


Het is ook mogelijk verschillende oliën te combineren. 

Balsam fir $15

Relaxing – skincare – revitalizing – soothing muscles – energy – cleansing
Has the potential to uplift the spirit and help ease feelings of stress and anxiety. The oil is uplifting the mind, yet comforting to the body. It helps you to get grounded.

Bergamot $15

Good enough – psoriasis – addictions – acne – self confidence – connecting to self – depression – energy – lovable
Relieves feeling of despair, self judgement and low self esteem. It supports you to accept and love yourself and have more optimism. It helps you when you feel down or hopeless. This oil awakens your soul so you can share your true self.

Cinnamon $15

Body acceptance – attractive – accepted – healthy sexuality – bacterial infections – sex drive – immune support 
Helps you to accept your body and their physical attractiveness. Dispels fear of rejection and nurtures healthy sexuality. Healing oil when you experienced sexual trauma or abuse. It gives you the strength to let go of control. This oil invite you to be honest and vulnerable.

Clary Sage $15

Hormone balance – PMS – postpartum depression – abdominal cramps – calming – clarified vision – hot flashes – intuitive – open minded
This oil helps you to be open for new ideas and perspectives. Eliminates distractions from the mind and opens your creativity. It increases the ability to visualize and is especially helpful in clarifying spiritual vision.

Clove $10

Immune support – liver detox – rheumatoid arthritis – clear boundaries – empowered – protected – courageous – independent – capable – proactive – integrity 
Support you to let go of a victim mentality. Helps you to stand up for yourself, be proactive and make your own choices. It assists in letting go of patterns of self betrayal and codependency. It helps you to set strong boundaries and to protect yourself.

Copaiba $15

Self aware – clarity – purposeful existence – worthy – headache – pain – inflammation – wrinkles – pimples – high blood pressure – mood disorders – purposeful existence
It invites you to become aware of your shadow aspects and discover who you really are. It helps you when you are in lower vibrations of shame, blame or fear. It helps you to make peace with the past and trust the divine timing.

Fennel $10

Responsibility – confidence – nausea – menstrual discomfort – colic – digestive disorders – spasms – PMS – in tune with body
Support you when you have a weakened sense of self. It teaches you that you have to take full ownership and responsibility for your life. It helps you to listen to your body and live in integrity with yourself.

Frankincense $20

Spiritual connection – meditation – depression – alzheimer – pain – inflammation – scarring – wrinkles – memory – connected to father – enlightened – truth – spiritually open  Invites you to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. It helps you to create new perspectives based on light and truth. It assists in spiritual awakening and feel the divine love. It gives you a loved and protected feeling, perfect to use during meditations. Supports in creating a healthy attachment with your father and brings healthy masculinity.

Geranium $15

Emotional healing – empathetic – trusting – forgiving – open – autism – reproductive disorders – liver and kidney support – menstrual cramps – unconditional love
Restores confidence in the goodness of others and the world. It assists in reestablishing a strong bond with your mother and father. This oil encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness. Softens anger and assists in emotional healing. It nurtures the inner child, the heart and helps you to trust again.


Lavendel $10

Calming – rest – open communication – stress – anxiety – sleep – skin irritations – allergies – cuts – headache – self aware – emotional honesty
Stimulates verbal expression and calming the mind. Encourages emotional honesty and express your inner thoughts and desires. It helps you to share your true self to others. This oil helps you to find your inner peace and sleep well.

Lemongrass $10

Immune support – thyroid support – cleansing negative energy – spiritual clarity – releasing what is no longer needed 
This oil is a powerful cleanser of energy. It helps you to let go of old limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity. It support you to move forward without hesitation. It cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Litsea $15

Manifestation – trust of inner voice – aligned – emotional balance – anxiety – stress – postpartum depression – aging – inspiration – clarity – open to possibilities
This oil helps you to follow your inspiration and intuition. It makes your mind open and connected to higher consciousness. It learns you to trust your inner voice and rise above fear of rejection, being misunderstood or the need of external confirmation. This oil helps you to manifest what you want.

Marjoram $10

Emotionally open and connected – ability to trust – close relationships – muscle injury – arthritis – high blood pressure – menstrual problems 
Aids you when you are unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships. It shows you the barriers you formed to protect yourself. It reveals patterns of aloofness, distance yourself from other people or being cold. It teaches you that trust is the basis for all relationships. This oil softens the heart and heal past wounds.

Myrrh $20

Safe in the world – maternal connection – grounded – secure – wrinkles – thyroid support – anxiety – depression – skin infections – stretch marks – loved – childhood issues healing
Nurtures the relationship with your mother and with the earth. Helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of a mother. Gives a safe and secure feeling. It assists in letting go of fear and helps to reestablish a healthy connection to the earth.


Niaouli  (Tea tree) $10

Fever – acne – inflammations – common cold – muscle strain – calmness – remove negative influences – clarifying – concentration  – burning wounds
The vibration of this oil catapults you to an awareness of your soul’s purpose. Clears the mind and aids with focus and concentration. Can be used to clear out negative emotions, specifically those that have been created during prolonged illness or long recuperation periods.


Patchouli $ 15

Grounded – confident – body connection and acceptance – balanced – physically expressive – wrinkle prevention – depression – balance – stability – physically expressive 
Supports you to be fully present in your physical body. This oil is grounding and stabilizing you. It helps you to stay in touch with the earth and releasing emotional judgments. It brings confidence in the body and prepares the spirit and body to be in union.

Peppermint $10

Headache – migraine – digestive upset – energy – muscle and joint pain – fever – focus – allergies – strength to face emotional pain – optimism
Brings jou and buoyancy to the heart and soul. Rediscover the joy of being alive. Assist you to regaining the strength needed to face emotional reality. It helps you to gliding through life and feel happy.


Petitgrain $ 15

Chain breaking – embracing positive family connections – pioneering – seizures – insomnia – stress – spasms – acne – stress 
Invokes a deep appreciation for positive forms of ancestral knowledge, wisdom and family history. Is a great aid in healing complicated family history. Encourages awareness of how to heal wounds in the family line. Invites you to see the gift of ancestral traditions and find peace on your own journey.


Pink pepper $15

Muscle spasms – circulatory disorders – convulsions – high blood pressure – self worth – emotional upset – releasing toxic patterns – merciful – kind – equal
This oil catalyzes stagnant heart-space energies and moves you to belief in the goodness of yourself and others. It learns you to be patient, kind and love yourself. It teaches you that comparison never leads to happiness.


Rosemary $10

Focus – memory – cold and flu – low blood pressure – jet lag – cellulite – headache – alcohol addiction – fortify knowledge – mental clarity – open to new experiences Assists the development of true knowledge and intellect and helps with learning difficulties. This oil aids in times of change and transition. Trust in a higher, more intelligent power then yourself and feel confident during the change.

Spearmint $15

Colic – nausea – muscle aches – heavy menstruation – public speaking – voicing opinions – acne – headache – focus -scars – confident – courageous 
Gives clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. It assists in translating inner clarity into words. Encourages to take a public stand on behalf of their values and opinions. Promotes in expressing yourself, especially when speaking in front of groups.

Thyme $10

Release – forgive – openhearted – understanding – bacterial infections – bronchitis – skin infections – chronic fatique – patience – emotional release – tolerant
Powerful cleanser of the emotional body. It reaches deep within the body and soul searching for unresolved negativity. Empties the soul of negativity and opens your heart. It helps you to feel tolerance and patience for others. It teaches you to let go, move forward and helps you to receive love and offer forgiveness


Wild orange $10

Energy – cheering mood – anxiety – depression – immune support – abundance mentality – cellulite – creativity – playful – generous – sense of humor
Gives you a positive mood and stimulate creativity. Reconnect with your inner child and bring spontaneity and joy. Let go of scarcity mindsets. It reminds the soul of limitless supply find in nature. Give without thought of compensation.

White grapefruit $10

Uplifting – clarifying – cheering – skin cleansing – energy – body acceptance – healthy relationship with food
Teaches true respect and appreciation for your physical body. Encourages integrity by respecting physical needs. It helps you to listen to your body and to take responsibility for what you feel. It increases a healthy relationship with food.


Ylang Ylang $15

Hormone balance – low libido – high blood pressure – infertility – anxiety – depression – emotional connected – inner child – free – intuitive – playful, emotional trauma healing 
Powerful remedy for the heart and releasing emotional trauma. Reconnects with the inner child and the pure, simple ways of the heart. Restores a childlike nature and innocence. Assists in releasing bottled up emotions.



Centering blend – Align $15

Assurance – completeness – hyperactivity – addictions – hormonal balance – harmony – centered – aligned – self acceptance – trusting 
Calls the soul back to its center. Reminds you that self awareness is the gateway to further expansion and growth. Facilitates the emergence of love, openness and trust. Restores emotional balance by reorienting the heart to its true purpose state.


Cellular complex – DDR Prime $15

Damaged DNA repair – smoking addiction – immune support – antioxidant – liver detox – rheumatoid arthritis – fever – emotional transformation – repairing – rebirth – vitality – open to change
Supports the body’s sick or damages cells to either transition to death or to transform, repair and renew. Assist you to return to a balanced, healthy and authentic state. Supports you to release negative family patterns and reclaim your life energy.


Detoxification blend – Zendocrine $15

Revitalized – purifying – ability to adjust – detoxification – allergies – smoking cravings – weight loss – hormone balance – emotional detox – open to new experiences
Cleanse the organs and systems of the body. Emotionally this oil assists during times of change and transition. It helps you to detox old habits and limiting beliefs. Reawakens vital life energy. Supports quitting smoking, leaving toxic relationships or changing your lifestyle.


Grounding blend – Balance $10

Emotional grounding – focus – concentration – stress and anxiety – meditation – neurological issues – balance – stability – grief – committed – inner strength
Reconnect with your roots and find balance. It strengthens connection with the lower body and the earth. Reminds you to realize your true dreams and desires. Teaches you to ground your energy and to manifest with patience.


Invigoration blend – Citrus bliss $10

Creativity – energy – morning moodiness – lymphatic drainage – stress and anxiety – childlike – creative – motivation
An energizing oil blend with a positive and refreshing effect on mood and emotions. It reduces feelings of restlessness and irritability. Helps you during times of stress and fatique. Whether you’ve been overwhelmed by negative emotions, run down by deadlines at work, or you feel like today is just not your day, this oil helps you to cheer up.


Outdoor blend – Terrashield $10

Insect repellent – mosquitos – energetic toxicity – courageous – confident – strong boundaries – safe
Perfect insect repellent and helps you to stay calm in the face of danger or attack. Gives you a safe feeling and assist in separating your own energy from others. It helps you to set boundaries and face your attackers.


Protective blend – On guard $15

Immune support – colds and flu – cold sores – independently capable – autoimmune disorders – healthy boundaries – protected – capable – strength
Strengthens your immune system and boundaries. It cuts away unhealthy connections as codependency, parasitic relationships or emotional viruses found in negative group thought. It helps you to stand up for yourself and live in integrity.


Restful blend – Serenity $15

Sleep issues – stress and anxiety – ADD – ADHD – itchy skin – anger – restlessness – hormone balance – insomnia – peaceful – relaxed – compassionate
Calming blend to release stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings. Assist in quieting the mind and reconnect with your inner peace. It invites you to take time to rest and reflect on yourself.

Steadying blend – Anchor $15

Meditation – circulation issues – muscle spasms – energetic focus – emotional numbness – cracked skin – connect to inner wisdom – sleep issues – calm – supported – courageous
Offers steadiness and support. Helps you to trust your intuition and accepting the wisdom from your own soul. It teaches you to return to trust and find your center one moment at a time.


Women’s perfume blend – Whisper $15

Hormone balance – menopause – low sex drive – loss of vision – healthy sexuality – connected to mother earth – acceptance of femininity 
Gives you a strong feminine quality and softens overly masculine energy. Helps you to let go of pride and allows gentleness emotional connection. Assists in healing relationships with mother, grandmothers and other women. This oil invites you to heal wound and reconnect with positive femininity.


“Nature has the power to heal because it is where we are from, it is where we belong and it belongs to us as an essential part of our health and our survival”

– Nooshin Razani –