The last days of my trip to Nepal allowed me to see wings, travel through space and enter multi dimensions. The cause of it? One man and one stone… 
This is my Nepali tale. 

Finding myself again

One year before going to Nepal, I made a decision to journey within. In six months, the pillars of the my personal world were gone.
My mother – and best friend – passed away, one month after that my partner left me, and a few months ahead the company my mother and I owned together went bankrupt.

I lost it all, leading me to start finding myself.

These events started a journey with no return.

I initiated in Reiki, following my mothers footsteps as Reiki Master, followed a Soul Reading initiation, a practice that, at the time, was guiding my path. Retreats, daily yoga, corporal Therapy and meditation became my new normal.
After leaving everything behind, the next stop in my journey within happened in a trip to Nepal.

Officially, I went to Nepal to visit my boyfriend who was living there for a few months while doing his Yoga Teacher Training. We went hiking the Himalayas and after visiting Buddhist temples in all altitudes I could confirm that nature was my personal temple.

I was in awe of life and feeling connected to that immense magnitude of the mountains. However, the reason why I was in Nepal specifically was not clear to me, until this one morning.

The dream

The fog was still plaining over the rice fields. I decided to go for a walk and process the dream I just woke up from. In that walk, I also send a message to my Soul Reading Teacher telling her I’d seen us in a dream, together with many other women in a circle up the mountains. We were surrounded by glass bottles with crystals inside. The laws of the third dimension would not allow us to put these crystals there. That was work of magic.

We were surrounded by three man. One of them I met in a previous trip, in Brazil. He was my teacher about living in the here and now. The other two, I’ve never seen before.

In the dream, they helped us to created a sacred space to honour the Divine Feminine.
It felt so real I could tell every detail about it. This is why I sat down and drew this circle and the symbolism in my notebook.

Later that day, I went down the mountains to the lovely city of Pokhara, my favourite place in Nepal.

While scrolling through crystal shops looking for the perfect Tiger Eye as a gift to my partner, I stopped this luxurious and shiny crystal shop (not the usual style in the small dusty roads of Pokhara). It wasn’t the intention to find anything for myself. I’d already bough a moon stone ring and a Labradorite necklace. It felt enough as a memory for my Nepali experience.

While I walk in, this gentleman sitting on a desk behind the counter asks if he can help me. Amused at the incredible number, shapes and types of crystals in that shop I reply “No thanks, I am just looking around. Oh, where can I find the Tiger Eyes?”

He points at some direction and at the same time redirects his hands towards the chair in front of him “It’s over there, but please sit here, there is something I would like to speak to you.”

I follow the courtesy and sit down. He smiles, as if knowing something I didn’t: “I was waiting for you to come here today”.

Now I am smiling, kind of sighting and thinking “good sales point, sir”.

Noticing the disbelief in my face he replies “I was in the dream. My name is Imi. Don’t you remember my face? Return to the dream of last night and you will know. I knew that you would come.”

Is this real?

I am not a skeptical, but also not somebody who easily beliefs in everyone. But suddenly, I was brought back to the three man protecting my circle. Feeling a little awkward and not knowing how to reply I start looking at the collection of Malachite under the counter. I point at a specific one, a “drop-like” shape with many layers reminding of an entrance gate. Imi gently hands over this stone to me saying “if it’s a portal you are the only one who has the key. I found it and polished myself. It was made for this shape.”

He was right. It was made for the “drop-like” shape.

The moment I held this stone in my hands I was gone. My whole body was shivering and I could no longer describe the experience from a three-dimensional perspective. He notices my unease with the situation and tells me “you don’t know who you are, that’s why you are here. We’ve known each other before and I want you to remember who you are. Go to the mirror and look now. What do you see?”

Two wings. Up to two meters high, strong and beautiful black wings. Like a Raven. That’s what I saw. More real then my own human expression, opening from my back and so ready to fly. I could not believe my eyes. But at the same time, I could. I’d never experienced something like this, without any intervention, no meditation, no practice, no external factors needed. Just watching my beautiful wings from one moment to another.

After this experience I was gone. Four hours passed by and Imi smoked about a pack of cigarettes (or two) in the mean time. We travelled places, journeyed in and out of each other souls. We spoke about dreams, life purpose, magic, power, money, shamanism, service, nature, fears, the power of choice and decision making.

He said some uncomfortable truths to me. I told the pain I could see in him.

In between people came in and out of the store. I wondered “which world am I in right now?”

The real world, the only world and yet again the one we pretend not to exist. The world of magic.

Do I still have the Malachite? I surely do. The first times I used I had to purge and felt intense pain. Part of the healing. All welcome.
This stone also allowed me to merge to water, as I went swimming with It, to travel back to that moment, and to feel my wings.

I’ve never seen Imi again. Two days after that visit we left Nepal and while Imi told that I would come back so he would teach me what he knows, that moment didn’t arrive yet. It might not, in this life time. I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.
The wings stay, the encounter continues in different places, over and over again.

Isadora Caporali is a woman of many passions: entrepreneur, life coach and mother, she currently lives her dream life in Bonaire while supporting women to create a soulful business on three continents.

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